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Laser Engraving Machine User Manual

Note: Which engraving software should I choose?

For professional or cutting purposes please try LightBurn For Beginner or simple engraving please try LaserGRBL

They both have official websites or YOUTUBE tutorials, you can have a quick look to choose.


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Security statement        2

Introduction of SCULPFUN S6/S6 Pro        3

Section 1. Download LaserGRBL software        3

Section 2. Connecting the laser engraving machine        4

Section 3. Engraving preparation and preview        4-7

Section 4. Start of engraving and control of engraving        7

Section 5.Common materials and parameter recommendations        8

Section 6.Common problems and solutions        9

Section 7.LightBurn installation guide        9

Section 8 Important notes        10

Security Statement

Before starting laser engraving, please read this safety guide carefully. It mentions situations that require special attention, including warnings about unsafe behaviors. Please observe and pay attention to this statement to protect your safety.

1.       Laser safety

This machine uses Class 4 laser products. The power of the laser is so high that it may cause eye injuries and burn the skin.

We installed a laser shield on the laser, which can filter out the diffuse reflected light at the laser focal point. We gave away goggles, you can bring goggles if you need them.

2.       Fire safety

Since the material is burned or evaporated during cutting, the high-intensity laser beam generates extremely high temperatures and generates a lot of heat. Please try to keep indoor ventilation or add exhaust equipment.

Certain materials can catch fire during cutting, especially flammable materials such as wood and paper. During the engraving process, please try to put a metal pad or other fireproof pad on the bottom of the engraving machine to protect the safety of the table or workbench.

Always keep a working fire extinguisher nearby.

3.       Material safety

Do not engrave materials with unknown properties.

Recommended engraving materials: wood, acrylic, bamboo, leather, fabric, paper, black-coated cermet. Materials that are not recommended: glossy metal, transparent materials, reflective materials, plastic, etc. At the end of the manual we attached which materials are not suitable for engraving.

4.       Safe to use

The engraving machine can only be used horizontally, and ensure that the engraving machine is reliably fixed. Fixing holes are reserved on the four tripods, and other devices can be used to fix them on the workbench. Prevent accidental displacement or falling of the work surface during work to cause fire;

It is strictly forbidden to point the laser towards people, animals or any combustible materials, regardless

of whether it is in working condition or not.        2

Teenagers must have parental supervision during use.

Introduction of SCULPFUN S6/S6 Pro Engraving Machine

The SCULPFUN S6/S6 Pro laser engraving machine uses a fixed-focus laser. The way to focus the laser on the engraved object is: place the fixed-focus column on the surface of the engraved object, slide the laser module until the edge touches the fixed-focus column, and fix the module screw by hand , Take off the fixed-focus column to complete the fixed-focus.

The laser protective cover can help us block most of the glare. You don’t have to wear glasses all the time, and people around you can also do not wear goggles. But you can wear goggles if you feel it is necessary.

The laser power of the SCULPFUN S6/S6 Pro laser engraving machine is about 5.5W. It can easily cut some wood panels, acrylic, and engrave blackened metal. However, it is not recommended to cut reflective materials and transparent materials.

The engraving machine of SCULPFUN S6/S6 Pro supports PWM control (pulse width modulation). PWM will make the engraved patterns more layered.

Right-angle measuring ruler: X-axis and Y-axis contain precise scale lines, which is convenient for you to measure the size of engraving objects quickly. The 410x420mm large-area engraving interval can meet your various engraving needs.

Extensive compatibility: The machine can be compatible with various mature engraving software, such as LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire, supports PWM mode engraving, supports Windows system, and also supports MAC system (LightBurn), engraving file format supports JPG , PNG, DXF, SVG, G-code, NC, BMP, etc. We recommend LightBurn first, because it is very professional in cutting. For beginner could also try LaserGRBL, It is relatively simple and good at carving.

Safety design: The machine is equipped with a power switch to facilitate emergency power off. Fixing holes are reserved on the four feet and the body structure to facilitate fixing the machine and the data cable.

Instructions for using engraving machine

Section 1. Download LaserGRBL software

1.       LaserGRBL is one of the best free DIY laser engraving software for laser beginner, easy to learn.For professional laser cutting purposes please try LightBurn. we can download it from LaserGRBL website: Double-click the software installation package to start the software installation, keep clicking Next until the installation is complete


Section 2. Connect the laser engraving machine

1.       Connect the engraving machine to the computer installed with LaserGBRL software, plug in the power of the engraving machine, turn on the LaserGRBL software, select the correct port number and baud rate in the software-115200, (in general, the COM port does not need to be manually To select, but if you have multiple serial devices connected to the computer, you need to manually select, you can find the port of the laser engraving machine in the device manager of the Windows system. The simpler way is to try the displayed port numbers one by one Again).

Install the driver. In the LaserGRBL software, click "Tools">"install CH340 Driver" to install the driver.

2.       Click the lightning connection icon img1 in the software. When the lightning icon changes to a red icon img2

, the connection is successful. At this time, the software interface icons all become colored.

img3Install CH340 Driver

img4when connection is successful,they Lights up

Section 3. Engraving preparation and preview

1.       Select the engraving file. Open the LaserGRBL software, click "File"> "Open File" in turn, and then select the graphics you want to engrave for engraving. Currently LaserGRBL supports files in NC, G-Code, BMP, JPG,, PNG,, DXF and other formats.

img5         4

2.       Picture parameters, engraving mode, engraving quality settings

a.       LaserGRBL can adjust the sharpness, brightness, contrast, highlight and other attributes of the target image. When adjusting the image parameters, you can see the actual effect in the preview window on the right, and you can try to adjust to the effect you think is satisfactory.

b.       The engraving mode usually selects "line-to-line tracking" and "1bit jitter". 1bit jitter is more suitable for engraving grayscale graphics. If you want to cut, please select vector or centerline engraving mode.

c.       Engraving quality essentially refers to the line width of laser scanning. This parameter mainly depends on the size of the laser spot of the engraving machine. The laser spot used by the S6 engraving machine is a rectangular spot of 0.15mm, and the S6 pro uses a square spot of 0.08mm. Therefore, the recommended engraving quality range is 5-8. Different materials have different responses to laser irradiation. Therefore, the specific value also depends on the specific material engraving test.

d.       At the bottom of the preview window, you can also rotate, mirror, and cut the image.

e.       After completing the above settings, click Next to enter the settings of engraving speed, engraving energy and engraving size

Adjust as you like

Suitable for carving

Suitable for cutting

Represents the density/mm of laser dots

3.       Set the engraving speed, engraving energy and engraving size

a.       It is recommended to use 1000 for the engraving speed. This is the value that we think is the best engraving effect after repeated experiments. Of course, you can increase or decrease this speed according to your own preferences. A faster speed will save engraving time, but it may bring The slower speed is the opposite of the decline in the engraving effect.

b.       In the selection of laser mode, there are two commands for laser on, M3 and M4. It is recommended to use the M4 command when engraving in the 1bit jitter mode, and the M3 command is recommended for other situations. If your laser only has the M3 command, please check whether the laser mode is enabled in the GRBL configuration. For the description of GRBL configuration, please refer to the official description of LaserGRBL.

c.       The choice of engraving energy is based on different materials. We have attached engraving and cutting parameters of common materials at the end of the manual for your reference.

d.       Finally set the size you want to engrave, and click the "Create" button to complete the setting of all engraving parameters.

Engraving Speed

5.       Position the preview engraving pattern position

Regarding how to locate the engraving pattern, that is, how to make the pattern engraved in the correct position of the engraving object, this is an important topic for laser engraving machines.

The S6 engraving machine uses the click to center position img6  to make the laser to center of the pattern, at the same time, move the engraving object to make the engraving object coincide with the center of the laser, so that the axes of the two have coincided. Note that at this time, try to observe the outline of the engraved object and make it parallel to the

img7outer outline of the laser.

The next step is to determine the specific engraving position, the axis has been coincident, by scanning the outline        , you can know exactly where the laser engraved pattern will be and the size of the engraved pattern.

The outline of the engraved pattern previewed in the software is the actual scanned outline, and the position of the engraved pattern can be previewed through this operation.

Scan the outline, you can preview the precise position of the engravd pattern

img8Section 4. Start carving and control during the carving process

1.       Click img9  to start engraving, and fill in the number of repeated engravings here

2.       img10There are four forms of emergency stop: pause in the lower right corner img11  ; cancel all data immediately img12  ; stop engraving        , or directly turn off the power switch on the control box is also an emergency stop method.

3.       The laser energy adjustment, line width and speed adjustment during engraving are as shown in the figure below

img13laser Power,Linear,Speed        7


Section 5        Suggest parameters for engraving and cutting of materials

Table1 S6 engraving machine common material engraving parameter table suggestion



laser Energy(S-Mx)



















Kraft paper








Paited Stainless steel

/aluminum alloy




Table2 Cutting parameters for common materials of S6 engraving machine suggestion


Engraving times


laser Energy(S-Mx)



1.8mm Basswood





6mm Hardwood





1.8mm Bamboo





2.8mm Acrylic





Kraft paper





Note: This is a very conservative parameter recommendation. The actual number of times needs to be adjusted according to the actual materials and test results.For laser cutting , we recommend increasing the speed to get a clean cut on edge.

The meaning of the software parameters in the table:

Repeat carving rounds

Quality        laser Energy(S-Mx)        Speed

Suggestion for engraving and cutting:

1.       When engraving, you can initially test the parameters, engrave the effect, and then formally engrave. The two parameters of pattern preview and quality are very important when engraving. Generally use Line to line mode.

2.       When cutting, try to increase the quality and energy, and slow down the speed appropriately. 8

Mode generally used: Vectorize/Centerline

Section 7. LightBurn installation tutorial

Lightburn is a very professional laser engraving software, almost the best. He looks very complicated at first, but the function is very powerful, as long as a little study can be mastered. It is especially convenient for cutting. It is suitable for windows or MAC systems and has a one-month free trial period.

The official website:

download address: YOUTUBE tutorial:

Regarding the use of lightburn, I suggest to watch the official website tutorial or YouTube video directly. I think this is the best laser cutting software at present, and it is equipped with a detailed tutorial, so you can learn it quickly. There is no detailed introduction here.

Key points need attention

1when setting the origin position, you need to select the current position. Because the S6 series does not have a limit switch, you need to select the current position option. This setting is required for machines without limit switches.

2How to make the laser light up weakly and use it as an indicator light

3How to position laser engraving?        suggest Fire laser light 0.75% power—Center the axis of object and the laser —Framing to preview engraving position

Section 8 Important notes for machine maintenance and use

1If it is used on an extremely smooth desktop, it is best to fix the four feet with a cable tie, or put a rubber anti-skid pad under the four feet.

This can effectively prevent the machine from sliding during engraving.

2 The belts and pulleys need to be checked for tightness regularly. If they are loose: the belt can be reinstalled and tightened; the pulley can be adjusted by the eccentric nut.

3 If the laser feels that the energy is not strong enough, first check whether the laser lens is contaminated by dust. You only need to clean the lens to increase the laser power again. The laser lens and eye protection cover should be cleaned regularly. You can refer to the following link

Sculp your fun !

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Sculpfun Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Building D, Longguang Jiuzuan Business Center South, Daling Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518131

Customer Service:

Ø       For detailed warranty policy,please visit our official website at:

Scanner APP:

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or any APP with scanner

Ø       For Laser Engraver technical support and service,please email:        11

Installation of Anti-slip rubber on the four feet

If you use the machine on a particularly smooth table, it may slip. We have reserved a large number of fixing holes on the four feet of the machine. You can fix the machine with iron wires; or stick to the four feet through the non-slip rubber sheet we presented.

The specific operation is shown in the figure:

The rubber pad may loosen when exposed to high temperature on the metal. This is normal and you need to stick it tightly again. Or a proper loose stick will keep the rubber more fixed to the metal.

Another way is to flatten the rubber block on the table and place the machine on the rubber block, which can also prevent the laser from sliding

Use of the square ruler

As for the point (0.0) in the lower left corner, we are not to detect the laser moving distance, it is mainly design as a right-angle measuring ruler, which is convenient for measuring the size of the engraved object. As shown below.

So we suggest that you place the laser in the center of the machine at the beginning to avoid collisions during laser moving.

How to clean the laser lens to make it clear and refresh the laser power

1 I recommend using a round-tip cotton swab to directly rotate and wipe the lens, as shown in the figure below. The dust on the laser lens will be cleaned, which can help refresh the laser power. (Dust on the lens blocks the laser, which will affect the laser power) It is recommended to clean the lens when you feel the laser is weakened.

When using a cotton swab to wipe, it can be dipped in alcohol for better effect

2. You can also refer to this video, using cotton swabs and cleaning spray